Glory Mornin' Super Vodka

Elderflower & Lemondrop

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GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA is a new premium vodka - distilled from the finest rice combined with elderberry and lemon distillates. This makes it particularly mild and soft with a wonderfully fruity note. Whether pure as a shot or with soda water as a long drink, GLORY MORNIN 'is a real taste experience. Mixed as vodka soda, GLORY MORNIN 'is a super light, fruity and fresh long drink with only 45 kcal with 0.2cl vodka. Enjoy responsibly and only in the best of company.

Scope of delivery: 1 x high-quality printed glass bottle GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA - Ultra Premium Rice Vodka refined with elderflower and lemon distillate - with a filigree lid made of silicone in an exclusive gift box (0.35l, alc. 40% vol.). Every bottle sold plants a tree in Kenya.

    GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA is the new super premium vodka made from rice and superfruits with a wonderfully smooth, fresh, light and fruity aroma.

    Skinny, Mini - Smooth and Sweet - Flashy, Fruity, Super Vodka.

    The iconic, colorful and handy bottle, the soft screw cap, the subtle fragrance and the mild and gentle taste with a subtly sweet note touches all the senses. GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA in the limited "Premier Batch" edition including a high-quality gift box is the ideal gift and companion for a fantastic time with friends.

    The perfect gift in a high-quality telescope box

    The GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA is not only an exceptionally mild and gentle rice-based vodka with superfruit distillates, but also a visual gem. The uniquely detailed bottle, the velvety feel of the cap and the high-quality gift box, very stable and optically minimalist in matt white, make our GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA the ideal gift and an eye-catcher at every party.

    Vodka made from 100% white rice

    Traditionally grain is used to make vodka, sometimes also potatoes and sugar beet. We use fine white rice for our GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA. Based on the Japanese Shōchū - a spirit made from rice that is widespread there - we are now bringing this particularly soft and extraordinary taste with a subtly sweet note to Europe.

    Elderflower distillate

    The elder with its small, white flowers is a typical messenger of early summer. Not only does it look beautiful, the flowers can also be used for healthy infusions for consumption. To our GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA Elderflower & amp; Lemondrop blossom distillate gives a subtle sweetness with slightly fruity and spring-like notes.

    Lemon distillate

    The lemon is the absolute classic among the super fruits. Enjoyed fresh and pure, rich in vitamin C, fruity, refreshing and really sour. Lemon is also an indispensable part of spirits. The slight lemon note in our GLORY MORNIN 'Elderflower & amp; Lemondrop intensifies the fruitiness and makes it the ideal long drink, especially with soda.

    GLORY MORNIN' - Big Nights Last till Dawn

    Why "Glory Mornin'"? You probably know it too: The night, warm and clear, your best friends, the perfect place. The music, the light. You partied, screamed, laughed and sang with joy. The time flew by. It is the best time. Now black turns blue, dawn, the sky begins to shine. You are free, you live in the moment, carefree and happy. A unique night leads to a wonderful morning - a Glory Mornin’.

    The production and distribution of alcoholic beverages requires a high degree of responsibility.

    Glory Mornin 'Super Vodka is a member of the NRW regional group of the Federal Association of the German Spirits Industry and Importers e. V. (BSI) and supports the "Working Group Alcohol and Responsibility" with its initiative

    The majority of consumers enjoy in moderation and handle alcoholic beverages responsibly. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is harmless to health within certain limits and conditions. If these limits are exceeded, however, the risks of adverse health effects increase.

    Alcoholic beverages are a traditional cultural asset for our society. Everyone should make a responsible decision for themselves as to whether the consumption and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages is appropriate in the respective situation and within acceptable limits. There should be no automatic mechanism for alcohol consumption. Enjoyment is the conscious and the "special" moment - and only in moderation it becomes a Glory Mornin '.

    In the sense of our value “responsibility” we want to give something back. There are endless ways to help. And behind all of these possibilities there is someone who really needs help. We have chosen to do something for all of humanity. Climate change affects each of us. The aim is to reduce the emission of harmful CO2 and to ensure that existing CO2 is converted. This happens through trees and plants and a functioning ecosystem, of which there are fewer and fewer in many places around the world. This has serious consequences far beyond climate change. The destruction of habitat and thedecline in biodiversity is having an impact up to the more frequent occurrence of pandemics such as COVID-19.

    Glory Mornin ’would like to contribute to stopping this development and to solving central challenges of our planet through reforestation. This concerns us all and that is why, together with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant a tree for every bottle of Glory Mornin 'Super Vodka sold. Support us and do good - plant trees and save lives.

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    12 Apr 2021
    Marc A.
    Germany Germany
    hat alles super geklappt!

    Riecht super, Geschmackstest steht noch aus

    31 Mrz 2021
    Germany Germany
    Als Kurzer herb, mit Soda super

    Schöne Flasche, tolle Box, Geschmack ungewöhnlich pur, mit Sodawasser aber perfekt