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SUPER VIVID - Wide Awake

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GLORY MORNIN' SUPER VIVID is the new non-alcoholic version of our SUPER VODKA - with a real punch of natural caffeine. The basis is our rice vodka minus the alcohol. We have refined our Super Vivid with distillates of green tea, Japanese yuzu and cola nut. Made for mixing: Use SUPER VIVID as a substitute for the spirit in your cocktail and get a non-alcoholic drink with a wake-up effect. A drink with 5cl SUPER VIVID and 20cl filler (e.g. tonic, soda, cranberry et. al.) has the caffeine content of a double espresso (62,5mg / 25cl drink or 25mg /10cl).  

In terms of taste, we have combined fine citrus and tea components with bitter notes that you know from alcohol - with 100% natural ingredients and without sugar or taurine. In addition, our SUPER VIVID is almost calorie-free (3 kcal in 5cl). With the SUPER VIVID you can quickly mix any drink, e.g. sodas, tonics, sours, fizzes or classics such as a cosmopolitan or the Moscow mule - just without alcohol and with a wake-up effect.  

Recommendation: SUPER VIVID Mule: a few drops of lime in a glass, crushed ice, 5cl SUPER VIVID, fill up with 200ml ginger beer - enjoy! Or the SUPER VIVID Soda: Glass full of ice, 5cl Glory Mornin' SUPER VIVID, 4 drops of lime, fill up with 200ml sparkling water - done.  

Scope of delivery: 1 x high-quality printed GLORY MORNIN' SUPER VIVID glass bottle with a filigree silicone lid cap as a stamper (product contains 0.50 l, non-alcoholic, 62,5mg caffeine in 250ml mixed drink or 25mg/100ml). Bottled in Germany. For every bottle sold, we plant a tree in Kenya.

The production and distribution of alcoholic beverages requires a high degree of responsibility.

Glory Mornin 'Super Vodka is a member of the NRW regional group of the Federal Association of the German Spirits Industry and Importers e. V. (BSI) and supports the "Working Group Alcohol and Responsibility" with its initiative

The majority of consumers enjoy in moderation and handle alcoholic beverages responsibly. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is harmless to health within certain limits and conditions. If these limits are exceeded, however, the risks of adverse health effects increase.

Alcoholic beverages are a traditional cultural asset for our society. Everyone should make a responsible decision for themselves as to whether the consumption and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages is appropriate in the respective situation and within acceptable limits. There should be no automatic mechanism for alcohol consumption. Enjoyment is the conscious and the "special" moment - and only in moderation it becomes a Glory Mornin '.

In the sense of our value “responsibility” we want to give something back. There are endless ways to help. And behind all of these possibilities there is someone who really needs help. We have chosen to do something for all of humanity. Climate change affects each of us. The aim is to reduce the emission of harmful CO2 and to ensure that existing CO2 is converted. This happens through trees and plants and a functioning ecosystem, of which there are fewer and fewer in many places around the world. This has serious consequences far beyond climate change. The destruction of habitat and thedecline in biodiversity is having an impact up to the more frequent occurrence of pandemics such as COVID-19.

Glory Mornin ’would like to contribute to stopping this development and to solving central challenges of our planet through reforestation. This concerns us all and that is why, together with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant a tree for every bottle of Glory Mornin 'Super Vodka sold. Support us and do good - plant trees and save lives.

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18 Okt 2022
Austria Austria

Valuable alternative to my favorite drinks

like the concept, super tasty, flexible and perfect energy drink alternative