GLORY MORNIN' SUPER VIVID is a real innovation among non-alcoholic alternatives to spirits such as vodka. Our premium rice distillate forms the basis - just like for our vodka, just without alcohol. We have refined our SUPER VIVID with distillates from Japanese yuzu, green tea and cola nuts. A good portion of natural caffeine makes the whole thing a pick-me-up base for non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Simply replace the spirit or vodka with SUPER VIVID and mix delicious non-alcoholic mules, sodas, tonics, sours or fizzes - with a wake-up effect.

Balanced taste - bitter base meets notes of citrus and green tea

How do you get the pungency and bitterness of alcohol into a non-alcoholic distillate? That was one of the challenges - we went for the bitter side and rounded it off with subtle citrus notes of Japanese yuzo and green tea. The result is a distillate that is an excellent substitute for vodka in non-alcoholic drinks - with character and without alcohol. In addition with effect and thus real value and full flexibility for your non-alcoholic drink or cocktail.

With a lot of buzz. 5cl SUPER VIVID = 1 can of energy drink

The GLORY MORNIN' SUPER VIVID is made for mixing, as a caffeine base for non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. You simply replace the spirit or vodka. 5cl SUPER VIVID contain 80mg caffeine. A finished drink - e.g. a SUPER VIVID soda or tonic with 5cl SUPER VIVID and 20cl soda or tonic - contains as much caffeine as a 250ml can of energy drink (32mg per 100ml) or a cup of coffee.

The SUPER VIVID has an increased caffeine content and is not suitable for children or pregnant women. A healthy adult should not exceed 400mg of caffeine throughout the day. This corresponds to 5 portions of SUPER VIVID á 5cl.

100% natural ingredients, 0% sugar, almost no calories

In our SUPER VIVID we do not use any artificial ingredients at all - everything is 100% natural, especially our distillates of rice, Japanese yuzu, green tea and cola nuts. In addition, we do not use sugar or other sweeteners. This means that the SUPER VIVID has almost no calories (3kcal/portion 5cl) and is therefore not only an alcohol-free alternative for your favorite drink, but also a very low-calorie substitute.

Full flexibility for your favorite drinks - without alcohol

You don't feel like drinking alcohol, but want a delicious drink or cocktail that also offers you a benefit? With our SUPER VIVID you can replace the spirit in almost any drink - with a wake-up effect. Of course, best suited as a non-alcoholic alternative for vodka-based drinks such as Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan, Vodka Soda, Vodka Tonic or even a Bloody Mary. Your creativity knows no limits. E.g. the SUPER VIVID Mule: Half a lime cut into pieces and crushed, fill the glass with ice, 5cl SUPER VIVID, 20cl ginger beer - some cucumber or mint for decoration. Voila. Super tasty, hard to distinguish from an alcoholic Moscow Mule, non-alcoholic, keeps you awake. Why not replace the coffee with a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail?

GLORY MORNIN' - Big Nights Last till Dawn

Why "Glory Morning"? You probably know it too: the night, warm and clear, your best friends, the perfect place. The music, the light. You celebrated, shouted for joy, laughed and sang. The time flew by. It's the best time. Now black turns to blue, dawn, the sky begins to glow. You are free, living in the moment, carefree and happy. A unique night ends in a beautiful morning - a glory mornin'.