In 1998 the idea was born: Inspired by ABSOLUT and glorious parties, an extraordinary vodka should be created. In a simple but beautiful bottle - colorful and positive. Mild and soft in taste. And conveying a sense of life, of the most breathtaking nights that go far beyond the sunrise.

The implementation then took a while. 20 years to be precise. On the way there were various entrepreneurial adventures, a lot of valuable experience and an ever growing dream: Glory Mornin ’Super Vodka.

Why Glory Mornin '? You probably know it too: The night, warm and clear, your best friends, the perfect place. The music, the light. You screamed, laughed and sang with joy. Now black turns into blue, the sky begins to glow. You go through the young day, you are free, you live the moment, carefree and happy - that is a Glory Mornin '.

Why Super? Our vodka is distilled from fine white rice. This gives it a very light and smooth and subtly sweet note. Together with our Super Fruit distillates like Blueberry & amp; Acai, Watermelon & amp; Dragonfruit or Elderflower & amp; Lemondrop results in a wonderful fragrance - and above all a fruity, tangy taste. Whether pure, or mixed with soda and on ice, the result is an incredibly light long drink. Just Super.

Why Vodka? Vodka is a symbol of clarity and purity. If the rice distillate has a very light taste, the fine notes that make our vodka extraordinarily soft and fine are the most important factors. In addition, there is the subtle sweetness, which is reinforced by our superfruit distillates. No other spirit allows such light and clear long drinks.

Our actions and our communication are shaped by our values. Every decision must stand up to this common understanding.


Alcohol is a luxury item. If it is consumed too much or too often, it is harmful to the body and can be addictive. We ensure that Glory Morning is consumed in a sensible and responsible manner. In addition, we always act professionally and sustainably and we live up to our ecological and social responsibility.


We are front runners and 100% digital. We use the latest and most innovative techniques and processes for our product, marketing and sales. We build digital relationships, know our customers, live mobile and use the new work opportunities.

Respect and Tolerance

All people are equal. We treat each individual with the same respect and the same openness. We proactively and publicly support minorities and stand up when someone is oppressed or treated unfairly. As a team, we work together as friends and family, admit mistakes, reject internal politics and work as equals.


We want to make the world a little more beautiful. Everything that leaves our company - starting with our product, packaging, every campaign, event, every social media post, banner, email or any other publication - should inspire people and positively influence their senses (taste, smell, see, feel and hear).

Joy and Indulgence

Glory Mornin' is supposed to make people's lives more colorful. We want to create and support positive and happy moments. Everyone who is involved in Glory Mornin '- whether internal or external - should live a positive attitude and convey it to the outside world. We give everyone we interact with a Glory Mornin '.