GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA is the new super premium vodka made from rice and superfruits with a wonderfully smooth, fresh, light and fruity aroma.

Skinny, Mini - Smooth and Sweet - Flashy, Fruity, Super Vodka.

The iconic, colorful and handy bottle, the soft screw cap, the subtle fragrance and the mild and gentle taste with a subtly sweet note touches all the senses. GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA in the limited "Premier Batch" edition including a high-quality gift box is the ideal gift and companion for a fantastic time with friends.

The perfect gift in a high-quality telescope box

The GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA is not only an exceptionally mild and gentle rice-based vodka with superfruit distillates, but also a visual gem. The uniquely detailed bottle, the velvety feel of the cap and the high-quality gift box, very stable and optically minimalist in matt white, make our GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA the ideal gift and an eye-catcher at every party.

Vodka made from 100% white rice

Traditionally grain is used to make vodka, sometimes also potatoes and sugar beet. We use fine white rice for our GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA. Based on the Japanese Shōchū - a spirit made from rice that is widespread there - we are now bringing this particularly soft and extraordinary taste with a subtly sweet note to Europe.

Blueberry distillate

Blueberries are one of the most valuable things the local fruit variety has to offer. Enjoyed as fresh fruit, they are full of valuable ingredients. As a blueberry distillate, they give our GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA Blueberry Acai a wonderful fragrance and an exceptionally fruity and authentic taste of fresh, crunchy berries.

Acai berry distillate

Acai berries are the fruits of the cabbage palm, also called açaí, which grows mainly in the lower Amazon or Brazil. Similar to the blueberry, as a fresh fruit, it contains high levels of antioxidants. In our GLORY MORNIN 'SUPER VODKA, the acai berry distillate balances out the stronger fruitiness of the blueberries and ensures a round and balanced taste.

GLORY MORNIN' - Big Nights Last till Dawn

Why "Glory Mornin'"? You probably know it too: The night, warm and clear, your best friends, the perfect place. The music, the light. You partied, screamed, laughed and sang with joy. The time flew by. It is the best time. Now black turns blue, dawn, the sky begins to shine. You are free, you live in the moment, carefree and happy. A unique night leads to a wonderful morning - a Glory Mornin’.